Re: All Anglers and Behaviour at Blithfield 16/06/2020

16th June, 2020

Dear All,

RE: All Anglers and Behaviour at Blithfield

It is unfortunate that we are having to write to you all on several matters that have arisen in recent weeks but we now have no choice.

There has been a gradual but noticeable increase in poor behaviour from both Permit holders and Syndicate Anglers in recent years but since re-opening after the easing of lockdown restrictions this has become a more significant issue. We have received several complaints from fellow anglers, other Reservoir users and residents who live alongside the Reservoir and its environs regarding incidents including loose dogs, urinating on banks and in hedges, wading deeper than thigh depth, excessively early arrival at the Reservoir etc. . As a result of these incidents we would like to remind you all of the following –

  • Arrival on the Reservoir is not permitted earlier than 7.45am – any anglers arriving earlier than this will be asked to wait outside the perimeter gates.

  • Anglers must NOT commence fishing before 8am as per Rule 1. Anglers fishing before 8am will be asked to leave the Reservoir immediately.