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Stanley Reservoir

Stanley Pool was constructed in 1786 as an 8-acre reservoir for the Caldon canal, which was opened through Stanley probably in 1778. It was enlarged to 33 acre in 1840, when a new dam was built to the north. Still a reservoir in 1991, it is also used for sailing and fishing.

Species & Stocking

With plenty of roach in Stanley Reservoir the high density of pike go to 27lb providing the predator angler with a good days sport. The match angler will also enjoy the fishing with plenty of silvers providing good bags on match days.


Species/Density/Weights (2015)

Pike High Upto 27lb, average 12lb

Roach Large shoals Average 10oz

Bream Large shoals Upto 7lb, average 2- 3lb

Perch Large shoals Average 8oz



Located off the A53 near the village of Stanley, ST9 9LU.

Nearest Post Code ST9 9LU

Grid Reference SJ929519

Sat Nav 53.064745,-2.106657

Additional Rules

No access is allowed over the dam.

1. The season is from 1 January to 31 December.
2. Pike fishing is only allowed from 1 October to 31 March. 
3. Members are only allowed on the water during the period Dawn until Dusk.
4. No leger/weight in excess of 3.5 oz is allowed.
5. No stones to be removed from the walls for any purpose.
6. Members must not fish in the Sailing Club frontage or use the jetties.  They must not fish between the white posts by the Stanley Head  launch area.
7. No legers to be cast in the direction of the boats.
8. A maximum of 3 rods may be used.
9. Radio controlled bait boats are allowed during the Pike fishing season at  times when sailing is not in progress on the water – Beware the hazards of the Middle Dam - Members must have their own appropriate insurance.

10. Members must always use a suitable landing net when fishing and use an appropriate size unhooking mat when they have landed a specimen fish.
11. Parking is allowed at Stanley Head  and in the Sailing Club car park if a
current car parking permit is purchased from the Society – very strict rules apply which will be supplied with the access key/access code.

12. All anglers using the Sailing Club car park must park between the white posts as indicated in the membership book diagram, under no circumstances should they park in any other area of the car park.

13. All anglers must ensure that they lock the gates both on arrival and departure from the car park; the gates must be locked whilst they are fishing.

14. SOT and SH stickers must be clearly displayed on the windscreen of your vehicle.

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