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General Rules


1. Fishing and car parking at anglers' own risk.

2. The fishing season is stated in individual water rules.

3. Maximum of 3 rods per person allowed.

4. Juvenile Members are only allowed to fish when accompanied by a parent who is a member, or an adult nominated by the parent over the age of 18 who is a member.
Juvenile Members of 14+ years of age can fish unaccompanied during the day if their parent or legal guardian has signed the declaration giving them permission to do so on Page 1 of their membership book. Note; This permission can be revoked if the juvenile is found breaching any club rules or for behavioural reasons.
Juvenile Members are only allowed to night fish if accompanied by a parent member or an adult member nominated by the parent holding a valid night permit.
Members must fish the same peg - the total rods used on the peg must not exceed 3.
A person may join Stoke-on-Trent Angling Society as a Juvenile Member up to and including 16 years of age on the 1st January of the current year. To become a Senior Member a person must be at least 17 years of age on the 1st January of the current year.

5. No member to leave his/her rods unattended with lines cast in or with baited hooks.

6. Members must not monopolise specific swims by any means. If it is felt that this is happening then bailiffs will tackle the members concerned and may ask them to vacate the peg. If a member wishes to relocate to a new swim they must deposit substantial items at the new swim then collects the rest of their tackle from the old swim without delay.

7. No member is to encroach within 15 metres of another member's swim other than by mutual consent. This does not prevent members fishing Designated Pegs that are less than 15 metres apart. Members must only fish that water associated with the swim they are in. If an adjacent swim is vacant a member may cast a line towards that unoccupied swim on the strict understanding that if that swim is later occupied by another member then that bait and line must be removed.

8.No member is to fish more than half the distance between themselves and a member on the opposite bank. On rivers, members must not fish opposite another angler.

9. No swimming, no wading beyond thigh depth. No boats/floating aids to be used for baiting swims.

10. The use of an appropriate size un-hooking mat is compulsory where specimen fish are the quarry of the angler. Members must always use a suitable landing net when fishing.

11. All fish landed must be returned back to the lake in the shortest possible time.

A maximum period of 20 minutes is allowed for any fish, from going into the landing net to being released back into the water.
You must under no circumstances land a fish in darkness and keep it in a retainer until daylight for the reason of getting a better photo. (A retainer is classed as any type of net, flotation sling or any other device sold to retain fish. Sacks are not permitted. )

The only time a fish may be kept in a retainer is to allow you to sort out your unhooking and photographing procedures; this time is included as part of the 20 minutes landing to return period.

  • The fish itself must not be out of the water for longer than 10 minutes at a maximum.

  •  If for whatever reason you do not think you can meet this criteria (ie. multiple captures etc.) you must unhook and return the fish immediately.

  • Under no circumstances once you have landed a fish should that rod or any other be recast into the water until the fish has been safely returned.

12. When transferring fish between an unhooking mat and the water a suitable landing net, weigh sling, or flotation device must be used, suitably zipped or secured so no accidental damage can come to the fish. All Unhooking mats, nets, slings or retainers must be pre-wetted with lake water before receiving the fish and the fish must be kept suitably wet at all time.

Under no circumstance must anyone stand with a fish out of the water for photographs.

13. Members must not use treble hooks except for Pike fishing. Curved long shank hooks are not allowed on any Society water

14. No fish to be removed from any water unless written authority has been issued by the Fishery Manager.

15.  Anglers must use 15 lb minimum breaking strain line and min 20 lb trace wire when fishing for pike.

16.  Anglers must use 15 lb minimum breaking strain line when fishing for specimen carp.

17. No radios, TVs or any other electronic devices for producing sound for entertainment purposes to be used by the waters; however, Members may use a device which outputs sound by means of personal earpiece(s).

18. No fires and no bad language.

19. Pegs must be kept clear of litter at all times.  All litter, including any waste line, must be taken away from the fisheries; under no circumstances is it to be left in litter bins which may exist on the waters.

20. Toilet facilities. This constitutes a great problem, especially for long session anglers. If public toilets are available and open for use then these can be used. If no public toilets are available or these are closed then the angler must have alternative arrangements i.e. portable facilities. Under no circumstance must anything be disposed of by any means including burial etc. at the water. All such waste MUST be taken off site and disposed of at home in a suitable manner.

21. Birds, their nests and eggs, or any other wildlife must not be interfered with or disturbed in any way. 

22. Members are requested to prevent damage to property pertaining to or adjoining the Society’s waters. Members must not cut or remove trees, bushes or marginal water plants.

23. All gates are to be closed; fences and hedges are not to be damaged.

24. The portion of a water scheduled for a match is closed from midnight on the day of a match until the match terminates. All matches fished to AT Rules.

25. Members are not allowed on any water during the relevant close season unless on official business.

26. Members must carry their membership card when: a) on any of our waters and produce it to any other member or bailiff or representative of the owner of the water b) when attending the AGM.

27. All accidents or contravention of Rules to be reported to the Secretary immediately.

28. The flying Of Drones and Remotely Piloted Model Aircraft is prohibited over Society waters unless specifically approved by the Society Committee.

29. A good relationship exists between our Society and the Sailing Clubs that share the waters; do not damage this relationship.

30. All our waters are looked after very carefully and we have a planned fishery management policy for each water.  To carry out this policy a great deal of work is carried out.  Every member will be expected to carry out a work party if called upon by the Management Committee.

31 Members are encouraged to send in catch returns for all waters.

32. The consumption of Alcohol/Drugs is forbidden on all Society waters.

33. No metal tins containing bait to be taken to any water.

34. Where dogs are allowed on Society waters they must be kept on a lead and under the owner's control.

35. IMPORTANT All members must adhere to The Country Code at all times.

36.No surface/floating baits of any kind are allowed on any stillwater other than Astbury Mere.

37.Publicity and Catch Reports from Society Waters.. Any publicity i.e.. Pictures and Catch Reports posted or shared to any site, gallery or organization is only allowed if it is also shared with the society sites and clearly states which Society water it was caught from.

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