Put yourself in the frame

We all like to have a decent trophy shot of special moment, be it a PB, or just to keep a record of your catch whatever the weight. If you've got a mate with you at the time, or someone fishing the next peg who is happy to be your cameraman, then great (beware though, that doesn't guarantee a decent photo!) However, there are many occasions when we are fishing alone and have to rely on 'self-take' photography. Many people find 'self-takes' a little daunting and struggle to get the trophy shot quite right, myself included, I hate doing self takes as I'm torn between making sure the fish is ok and getting the picture right, this is where problems arise and a lack of concentration in the photog

River Dove Work Party - Job Done!!

Well yesterday saw some highly productive work carried out on the Dove, safe to say we have some cracking swims now available. Even more encouraging was the amount of Barbel we witnessed of which some were real quality fish. Completing the work party gains the member early access to the river Dove once the season starts on the 16th June, all other members must wait until 1st July to fish it. In addition new rules for all sections of the River Dove were voted in at the last AGM and are as follows; No coarse anglers allowed on the river in the close season. Trout Fly fishing allowed from 18th March to 7th October 2017. Work party members only for the first two weeks of the season. Members with

Introducing the £1 Juvenile Ticket

New for 2017 we are introducing a cheap ticket with a view to attracting more juveniles. Special rules will apply i.e. child protection, fishing in the same peg with an adult, 3 rods max per peg. It is hoped that this new initiative will provide a gateway into the sport for the young of today to become the anglers of tomorrow. ​ The mission of Stoke-on-Trent Angling Society is to manage, serve and promote angling. To assist members and participants in their various forms of involvement in angling. To adhere to all the laws of angling and to encourage and facilitate the involvement of as many people as possible in angling activities.

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