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CaldonCanal at Northwood. Bridge13 to18

In late 2019 Stoke-on-Trent Angling Society took on the control of fishing on this section of the canal. The water can be fished by all members of the Society and a separate Senior Canal Only Ticket is also available at a reduces price for persons just wishing to fish this section of the canal.

Species & Stocking

Information to follow

Species/Density/Weights (2020)

As it is a new water on the Society ticket for 2020 it is too soon to say. 



Directions: Bridge 13 is on Cromer Road Northwood Postcode ST1 6QL, Bridge 18 is on Millrise Road Milton Postcode ST2 7ET.


Canal Fishing Rules:

1. Membership Card must be in your possession along with a valid Environment Agency Licence when fishing and must be shown on request.
2. No fish to be removed from the canal.

3. No member to encroach within 15 metres of another member’s swim unless by mutual consent.

4. Pegs must be kept free of litter at all times.

5. ​No fires including BBQ’s.

6. No bad language. No alcohol /drugs.
7. Members are requested to prevent damage to property pertaining to or adjoining the canal.

8. Members must display their parking sticker in a clearly visible location in their vehicle.

9. Members only. NO DAY TICKETS.

10. Members must observe the Country Code at all time.

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