What a Wonderful Chub

Look at this cracking 7lb-6oz chub caught opening week on the River Dove By John Davey

Re: All Anglers and Behaviour at Blithfield 16/06/2020

16th June, 2020 Dear All, RE: All Anglers and Behaviour at Blithfield It is unfortunate that we are having to write to you all on several matters that have arisen in recent weeks but we now have no choice. There has been a gradual but noticeable increase in poor behaviour from both Permit holders and Syndicate Anglers in recent years but since re-opening after the easing of lockdown restrictions this has become a more significant issue. We have received several complaints from fellow anglers, other Reservoir users and residents who live alongside the Reservoir and its environs regarding incidents including loose dogs, urinating on banks and in hedges, wading deeper than thigh depth, excessiv

Blithfield Reservoir Angling Regulations during Covid-19 Restrictions

Blithfield Reservoir as been given the all-clear to re-open to Syndicate/Club angling as from Tuesday 2nd June under the following restrictions. Angling Regulations during Covid-19 Restrictions Phase Two – Syndicate Anglers, commencing 2nd June, 2020 Booking In All syndicate permit holders must book in advance of their visit by telephone ONLY. The ‘phone lines are currently very busy so please be patient - 01283 840284 . No bookings accepted by email, Facebook or Messenger. IMPORTANT - Please book between 8am and 12 noon Monday to Friday only during this time.Please do not turn up at the fishery without prior booking as you will be turned away. All current syndicate angling and fishery rules

Noel's Pool

Now For Some Good News We have been able to obtain a lovely new water at Butterton, the same owner as North Road. It is a well established fishery, previously fished by Doultons Angling Club for many years. A lot of work is being done on the fishery getting it ready to open on June 29th. It will be a pleasure fishery with the same rules as North Road. To find out more go to our waters page and click on Noel's Pool.

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