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Astbury Water Park Waiting List

Waiting List Applications

Changes to Astbury Mere Carp Waiting List Rules :-

Only General Members  of Stoke-on-Trent Angling Society will be eligible for acceptance  onto the waiting list. 

Anyone wishing to be considered for Astbury Mere Waiting List will first have to be a General Member off SOTAS then needs to download and complete the Application Form Click Here and email to or post to the address on the  form  and  provide  your current Membership Ticket Number. If approved their name will be added to the list on this page together with their position number.

Anyone already on the waiting list and not offered a place for the current season must renew their General Membership ticket to retain their place on the list. Non members will be removed from the list.

Renewal of Astbury Carp Ticket Membership !! IMPORTANT !!

Anglers already holding an Asbury Carp Ticket must renew their  annual membership before 31st January direct through Membership Secretary Mr. Andrew Riley via post and must including the front page of last years membership book, full remittance of costs due plus a SAE for return or at the arranged payment nights (Dates to be arranged nearer the time) at Astbury Visitors Centre were last years membership book will be required to be shown when renewing. Astbury Membership will also be available for renewal at the December General meeting at Smallthorne Victory Club were last years ticket will also be required to be shown. It is your responsibility to ensure that your membership is renewed and in your hand as per the conditions above by the cut-off date. After that date your membership will be considered as terminated and your place will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. No excuses will be excepted. 

Astbury Mere Carp Ticket Waiting List

1. Carl Averill

2. Craig Lomas

3. Craig Ribbans

4. Toby Ribbans

5. Alex Fox

6. Stuart Boden

7. Paul Holme

8. Lee Gudgeon

9. Paul Banks

10. Mark Smith

11. James Parbery

12. Cian Dicken

13. David Finney

14. Kevin Finney

15. Steve Blackhurst

16. Martin Phillips

17. Brooklyn Dickin

18. Louis Hollinshead

19. Raymond Strood

20. Morgan Spence

21. Lee Ackerley

22. Thomas Sloan 

23. Lee Postlewhie

24. Morgan Morrison

25. Sam Stott

26. Daniel Smith

27. Christopher Tierney

28. Johnnie Kelly

29. Jack Holmes

30. Sean Vickers

31. Marc Jackson

32. Will Blase 

33. Joe Thompson

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