Astbury Water Park Waiting List

Waiting List Applications

Anyone wishing to be considered for Astbury Mere Waiting List should download and complete the Application Form Click Here and email to or post to the address on the form and if approved their name will be added to the list on this page together with their position number.

Note: Priority for places will be given to existing Stoke-on-Trent Angling Society general member wishing to upgrade over outside applicants.

Renewal of Astbury Carp Ticket Membership !! IMPORTANT !!

Anglers already holding an Asbury Carp Ticket must renew their  annual membership before 31st January direct through Membership Secretary Mr. Mick Hann via post and must including the front page of last years membership book, full remittance of costs due plus a SAE for return or at the arranged payment nights on Wed 12th and 26th January 2022 between 19.00 - 21.30 at Astbury Visitors Centre were last years membership book will be required to be shown when renewing. Astbury Membership will also be available for renewal at the 9th December General meeting at Smallthorne Victory Club were last years ticket will also be required to be shown. It is your responsibility to ensure that your membership is renewed and in your hand as per the conditions above by the cut-off date. After that date your membership will be considered as terminated and your place will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. No excuses will be excepted. 

Astbury Mere Carp Ticket Waiting List
  1. Kyle Cotton                   Stoke-on-Trent

  2. Joel Pointon                  Congleton

  3. Richard Hall                  Congleton

  4. Warrick Brookes          Winsford

  5. Alfie Turnock                Biddulph

  6. Alan Reeves                  Stockport

  7. Dean Bennet                Congleton

  8. Ben Wilson                   Nantwich

  9. Jon Venables                Leek

  10. Tom Preston                Bradeley                    General Member

  11. Adam Johnson             Leek

  12. Paul Holifield               Ellesmere

  13. Matthew Walker          Bignall End

  14. Adrian Whitehurst      Congleton

  15. Peter Patterson           Cheshire

  16. Philip Corden               Chell                          General Member

  17. Daniel Buttress            Alsager

  18. Tom Wytcherley          Newcastle

  19. Jordan Lonczyk            Weston Coyney

  20. Edward Bellingham     Wetley Rocks           General Member

  21. James Campbell          Cheadle, Staffs

  22. Paul Clowes                 Clayton

  23. Dean Hadcroft            Holmes Chapel

  24. Ashley Dale                  Tunstall

  25. Lee Haddad                 Barlaston

  26. Matthew Anderson     Stoke-on-Trent

  27. Chris Lee                       Middlewich

  28. Alex Ashmore               Newcastle

  29. Phil McKenna               Eccleston

  30. Paul Chesters               Bradwell

  31. Nathan Caen                Sandbach

  32. Jordan Thompson       Manchester

  33. John Thompson           Manchester

  34. Martin Skerrit               Biddulph

  35. Andy Parr                     Kidsgrove

  36. Dave Rowe                   Stockton Brook        General Member

  37. Damien Martin            Wirral

  38. Vincent Martin             Wirral

  39. Martin Hallows            Stockport

  40. James Connolly            Crewe

  41. Kevin Astbury               Crewe

  42. Neil Willott                    Swindon

  43. Scott Manders             Hampshire

  44. Paul Hook                     Norton

  45. Stephen Bradburn      Bentilee

  46. Joe Humphries             Chesterfield

  47. Damien Linney             Preston

  48. Dean Elliott                   Newcastle

  49. Nathan Stevenson       Newcastle

  50. Gareth Caen                  Sandbach

  51. Daniel Stubbs                Sandbach

  52. Lee Ackerley                   Newcastle

  53. James Wheawall            Leek

  54. Lee Skellam                    Goldenhill               General Member

  55. Lewis Littler                    Failsworth           

  56. Josh Jones                       Winsford

  57. Adam Lewis                    Wilmslow

  58. Kevin Lewis                     Wilmslow

  59. Stephen Marsden          Clitheroe

  60. Liam Banks                     Newcastle

  61. Stephen Tideswell         Talke Pits                 General Member

  62. Simon Birkby                  Cheadle Staffs