Astbury Mere

Astbury Mere was created within a former sand and gravel extraction pit, which has been fully restored to provide a mature lake. In total the lake extends to some 43 acres and is a very attractive piece of water set in a slight valley surrounded in part by trees. On site there are WC's and facilities to purchase food and beverages from a licensed restaurant. Access and car parking is excellent 

The water is extremely attractive and many swims offer easy access. The depths range from a few feet in the shallows to 50 feet out in the middle. There are many bars and shelves and a little plumbing about will easily locate likely feeding areas. 

Astbury Mere is the Society’s only owned water, having been purchased in 2002. The water is a shared amenity with a sailing club who hold a lease with Stoke-on-Trent Angling Society. Members are encouraged not to cause conflict with other water users, rather share in the enjoyment of such an outstanding venue.

Species & Stocking

The lake is known to contain good stocks of carp, perch, pike, and roach. The Society was instrumental in a previous stocking in 1988, when roach, bream, common and mirror carp from the Capesthorne Estate were stocked. The former owners stocked over 300 Carp from a southern fish farm, some of the fish coming from Woburn Abbey. Early indications show the fish are putting on weight with numerous fish of 25lb plus having been reported, in particular commons.


The water holds an estimated 50 fish over 20lb and did it's first 30lb-plus fish during 2004, with carp going to 38lb today. There have been bream to 14lbs caught and double figure pike to 27lb. Further to Environmental Agency approval the Society have also stocked catfish which go to 26lb, with Tench to the magical 10lb mark the Society continues to make Astbury Mere one of the top specimen fisheries in the North West of England. An intensive stocking program is already underway in order to make the large head of carp compete for food; huge numbers of coarse fish have been added in order to move the carp onto baits. Thousands of fish have been added over recent years with more planned for the future.


Species/Density/Weights (2015)

Common Bream Low Upto 14lb, average 10lb

Skimmers Large shoals <1lb

Roach Large shoals Up to 2lb

Rudd/Golden Rudd Medium <1lb

Perch Large shoals Up to 3lb

Pike Medium Up to 27lb

Tench Medium Up to 10lb, average 7lb

Common Carp High Up to 31lb

Mirror Carp High Up to 38lb 10oz with approx. 8 over 30lb

Grass Carp Low 22lb - 32lb

Wels Catfish Low Up to 26lb



Located on the A34 Newcastle Road, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 4FH, ½ mile north of Astbury Village.

Nearest Post Code CW12 4FH

Grid Reference SJ847622

Sat Nav 53.157158, -2.229515

Additional Rules

1 The season is from 1 January to 31 December. However, in order to protect the fish during spawning,  portions of the water will be closed and notices posted at the areas affected. 

2. Members are only allowed on the water during the following times: Jan 0730-1700; Feb 0700-1800; Mar 0600-1900; April 0600-2000; May 0500-2100; Jun 0400-2130; July 0400-2200; Aug 0500-2100; Sept 0600-2000; Oct 0700-1900; Nov 0700-1700; Dec 0800-1600. Members wishing to fish at other times MUST be in possession of a Night Permit.

3. North Bank Combination code is in the membership book

4. Pike fishing is allowed all season.

5. Maximum of 3 rods may be used. Members are reminded they must have the appropriate  rod licence(s).
6. No leger or weight in excess of 3.5 oz is allowed.
7. No legers to be cast in the direction of the boats.
8. No fishing is allowed in the signposted area in front of and adjacent to the Sailing facility. No fishing is allowed in the Dog Swimming Area. This rule applies at all times.

9. Members must always have a suitable landing net, 42 inch minimum, in their possession when fishing and use an  
appropriate size unhooking mat and hook wound disinfectant 
 whenever they have landed a specimen fish.

11. Cars must only be parked in car parks; display sticker if on the Country Park car park. 
12. Members should note that Safety Boat (Power Boat) training may be in progress on the First Wednesday and following Thursday in any month; training will not commence before 9.30am.

13. Radio controlled bait boats are allowed all year to a max distance of 120 metres during times when the Sailing facility is not operating on the water – Members must have their own appropriate insurance. 
14. Members are responsible for the clearance of litter from any peg they fish and the litter must be removed from site and not put in the litter bins on site.


Incident requiring the Police call 101. In emergency call 999.


Carp Match 2020 - 48 Hours

Draw 09:00 on the last Friday in June Fish 12 noon Friday to 12 noon Sunday

Tel Dave Rowe to book (Telephone number is in the membership book)

Water will be closed to all Members not fishing the match.

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