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I've had a few reports from some of our waters so thought I'd post a quick update on how they are fishing. North Road Pool is fishing well with Carp showing and lots of small tench being caught on pole, float and lead. Challinors Pool is fishing really well. Carp to 13lbs have been caught with the average from 1/2 to 5lb but quite a few being caught. Tench showing to 4lb with 8 to 12 fish possible per session and the occasional bream showing to 8lbs. All methods catching. Two more pegs have been opened to accommodate extra anglers. Rode Pool has had a slow start but some quality tench, bream and silvers showing. Stanley Reservoir is fishing well for silvers with lots of roach and the occasional bream to 5 lb being caught on feeder. Astbury Mere has started well, see the members’ posts on our Facebook page. This is just what has been reported. Hopefully the waters will continue to fish well. Please keep us informed and post your catches to our Facebook page.

Finally, I would like to thank all anglers who are fishing whilst adhering to the club’s rules. We appreciate that the current rules may not suit everyone but you have embraced the current changes well and this just shows what a good club we all have. Enjoy your fishing and stay safe.

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