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Newsletter &  AGM 2020



  1. Introduction.  Due to the latest Coronavirus Lockdown it was decided that we could not proceed with the AGM as planned this year. As a result the planned changes that were approved by the committee to be presented to the members at the AGM have  been implemented.   The following minutes summarise the actions and decisions which have been taken.

  2. Chairman’s Report. The Chairman decided that due to there not being a normal AGM he would not post a lengthy report. John Davey states that 2020 is a year that we will never forget and he thanks the Trustees, Officials, Committee and Members for all their help, support and understanding throughout this very difficult time. Everyone is wished the very best for 2021 and asked to respect the rules and to stay safe.

  3.  Treasurer's Report and Statement of Accounts.  The Treasurer reported that following a brisk period of business at the start of the year Covid-19 arrived and we then experienced a 7 week period with no income. Our position was looking grim with no income but rent and rates still to pay. When the lockdown restrictions were lifted and angling was allowed our Society like others experienced a considerable boost in our ticket sales. This surge in demand was not predicted but other Angling Clubs, Cycling and Walking activities have all experienced increases in demand. We sold 130 juvenile tickets – the "Lets Fish" Events and the £1 juvenile ticket is helping to encourage more youngsters into our sport. We sold over 1,000 membership tickets and this upturn in sales has resulted in a healthy surplus being reported this year.
    Copies of the audited accounts will be distributed at the next available Members Meeting and members will have the opportunity to ask questions about the accounts.

  4. Auditor's Report and Reappointment of Auditors; D. Malkin. The Auditor certified that the Income and Expenditure Accounts have been prepared from the books, accounts and vouchers and from the information and explanations supplied . The above auditor has been re-appointed for the coming year. 

  5.  Election of Officers. The Committee decided that the following officers should be re-appointed :
    Assistant Secretary      Geoff Beckett
    Astbury Manager         Roger Watts
    Committee                    Andrew Riley
    Committee                    Ray Lightfoot

  6. Subscriptions for 2021. The Committee decided on the following changes : 
    A new Astbury Premium Carp Ticket priced at £200. Any member wishing to fish Astbury for carp during the day or night must be in possession of the new Astbury Carp Ticket. The Committee have decided to introduce the premium ticket to enable the Society to better control the demand from carp anglers at this popular water. 

    A reduction in the price of a night permit for Challinor’s Pool and Rivers from £65 to £25 and a new requirement that all night sessions must be pre-booked. 

    The intermediate category of membership for members aged 17 to 21 years of age has been removed.

    All other subscriptions to remain unchanged.

    Subscription charges for 2021 are:

    Astbury Carp permit                             £200
    Seniors                                                    £65
    Senior Citizen/Disabled/Ladies           £40
    Juveniles age 12 to 16                           £1
    Canal only/Non Fishing permit           £10

  7. ​​Approval of Match Calendar – The Committee approved the match calendar for 2021. Details of the matches for members, veterans and juveniles are published on the Society’s web site. 

 Nb The 2021 membership tickets will be available to pre-order on line from 1st December 2020.

Subject to restrictions being lifted membership tickets will also be available to purchase at the next Members Meeting on 10 December 2020.

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