Coronavirus and fishing


With the re introduction of angling come some extra requirements and restrictions that must be adhered to so as not to increase the risk of transmission of the virus.

  1. The recommended social distancing rules must be strictly adhered to at all times by all anglers.

  2. All litter or waste must be taken home and disposed of safely. Nothing is to be deposited in any waste bins etc. on site.

  3. Toilet facilities. This constitutes a great problem, especially for long session anglers. If public toilets are available and open for use then these can be used. If no public toilets are available or these are closed then the angler must have alternative arrangements i.e. portable facilities. Under no circumstance must anything be disposed of by any means including burial etc. at the water. All such waste MUST be taken off site and disposed of at home in a suitable manner.

  4. Monopolising of swims or waters. This is catered for partly in rule 6 of the general rules but because of the special circumstances at this moment in time after the enforced lockdown there may be a desire for some anglers to spend an inordinate amount of time on the water, especially at Astbury Mere, which could deprive others of the chance to fish. This is not good etiquette and unfair to other anglers. The Society does not wish to institute time limits on waters if it can be avoided as it becomes restrictive to the considerate members among us. It is hoped that all members conduct themselves in a thoughtful and considerate manner in this respect. The bailiffs will be instructed to keep a lookout for anyone behaving in an unfair manner and if it is felt necessary take action against anyone concerned. 

Stoke on Trent Angling Waters will open from 8am Wednesday morning 13th May 2020 with the following exceptions and restrictions.  

1.  Rudyard Lake Updated. 23/05/2020

From Monday 1st June 2020 a maximum of 10 SOTAS members will be allowed to fish Rudyard Reservoir ON A STRICT DAY ONLY BASIS NO NIGHT FISHING ALLOWED but anyone wishing to fish must pre book their attendance first with John Davey email: as numbers on the water are currently limited.

2.  Restrictions on numbers being allowed to fish on waters. North Road 5 anglers, Rode pool 20 anglers, Stanley pool due to  water levels being down no need to restrict numbers, Knypersley and canals open with caution re members of the general public present .

3. Blithfield Reservoir Update 04/11/2020

From 08am. Thursday 05/11/2020 Blithfield Reservoir is Closed to all Anglers

In order to comply with guidelines issued from the Angling Trust all anglers please note:-

Update 04/11/2020

New Angling Trust guidelines have been published during the latest lockdown.

Please Click Here to view the guidelines.

Please all Stay Safe and enjoy your freedom and fishing. All the very best.

              John Davey Chairman of SOTAS

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