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Newsletter &  AGM 2022


2022 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Thursday 10th  November 2022


Roll Call.  There were 28 members present with John Davey in the Chair.

  1. Apologies.  These were received from Ian Nixon, Albert Perkins and Dave Rowe

  2. Minutes of the 2021 Annual General Meeting. The Secretary read out the minutes of the previous years' AGM and the were accepted as read  

  3. Matters Arising. There were no matters arising from the minutes

  4. Chairman’s Report 2021.
    Good evening everyone and welcome to the 2022 AGM.  It gives me great pleasure to inform yo that we have had an excellent year once again. We have broken records in our membership sales, and therefore I am pleased to inform you ticket prices will remain the same for 2023. During 2022 we carried out a review of our fishing waters resulting in purchasing two large stockings of fish for Noels Pool and Large Farm Pool ,and both have proved to be a real success. We have also improved and updated our fishery management equipment with the purchase of electro fishing equipment,  new transportation tanks, new nets and other equipment will be purchased in 2023 to enable us to carry out work with other Fisheries in a professional manner.

    Updates on Current Waters
    Astbury Water Park – Astbury continues to improve year on year with some fantastic fish being caught, it is a real jewel in the crown. We have some very good members who take pride in fishing the water and the management structure is working well. Please keep up the good work

    River Dove – Our sections of the Dove continue to fish for the Barbel. However, some anglers have caught some excellent fish. The Chub fishing has been very good with plenty of fish in the 5-6lb bracket being caught as well as Trout, Grayling and Dace.

    Stanley Pool – Very low water levels on Stanley this year have not helped, but some anglers have had good catches of Breamand Roach. Pike fishing has started off well since it kicked in on October the 1st.

    Rode Pool – Rode Pool continues to be an excellent venue, not for faint hearted, but effort equals reward. Thanks, John Triner, for your excellent work on the venue.  

    River Sow – Whilst some members are not as interested in River Sow, it continues to be a gem of a little river, with lots of people enjoying it.

    Blithfield - Members continue to enjoy fishing in Blithfield, with some great catches.  

    North Road and Noels Pool – A lot of work has been done on Noels pool this year. New fish stockings have proven to be a success, resulting in a lot of new members. North Road is a cracking pool that keeps on improving.

       Lodge Farm Pool - We have had some excellent reports on lodge farm proving to be very popular with our members.


       Belmont Pool - A lot of work has been done on the weeds on Belmont. We need more reports on how members are finding fishing this pool

       and I'm sure with time it will become an excellent pool.

       Stocia Pool - Some good catches of Carp have been report, please can I ask that you send in your catch reports.


       Please be patient with us while we get these waters up and running to our required standard.

Committee changes  
Two important changes to our committee are: Roy Bailey stepping down from Website Manager and replaced by Dru Lunney. Graham Hulse is taking up a new position as the Water Development Officer.

SOTAS Academy
For several years our Society have recognised the importance of increasing the number of youngsters within angling, to provide a future for our sport.  Since 2019, by using qualified and licensed coaches, the Society has delivered a successful number of ‘Let’s Fish events’, with funding being provided by the Canal and River Trust, and from the use of the grant money from Sport England.
The ‘Let’s Fish events’ allow the youngsters to have a short taster session (50 minutes in 2021) on our stretch of the Middleport Canal.  After catching their first fish, many of the youngsters are keen to continue their fishing experience with their parents or guardians.


The second year of the Academy has been successful in a variety of ways:

- We achieved the biggest turnout at a SOTAS junior competition in the past 50 years with 22 youngsters fishing at Noels and North Road match

  compared to 6 in 2021.

- 37 participates attended the Academy events, beating our target of 30.

- A record 36 members took part in the National Celebration compared to 15 in 2021 and the 3 in 2020.

- New relationships have been developed with several organisations which may lead to more participants at future events.

- We have sold 151 Juvenile tickets so far this year up from 135 for the total of 2021.

For Information
2023 will be my last year as Chairman of the Society having served 30 years.


Also standing down in 2023 will be Mick Hann, Geoff Becket and Ray Lightfoot, age is catching up with us all. Positive discussions have started with the committee regarding who will be moving into the senior positions as well as regarding the restructure of the Society to ensure we have a smooth handover.

Thank you to all the senior officials, the committee, the Academy and Lets Fish Coaches, Trentside Angling, Nathans and all our members for all the work and support you have given in 2022

John Davey, Chairman. 

Treasurer's Report and Statement of Accounts. 
The Treasurer reported that this would be his 10th and penultimate year as Treasurer. 2022 was a record year for membership sales - there was a small deficit for the year, but this was mainly due to the significant purchase of new fish stockings and new fishery management equipment. The combined value of the year end back accounts together with Trust Fund balance reflect a healthy financial position for the Soceity.


Auditor's Report and Reappointment of Auditors; D. Malkin. 

The Auditor certified that the income and expenditure accounts have been prepared from the books, accounts and vouchers and from the information and explanations supplied. Dave Malkin was reappointed as Auditor for the coming year.

Election of Officers. 
The Secretary gave details of the officers who were due for re-election. The nominations were unanimously agreed.

  1. Notices of Motion.
    There were no notices of motion received


  2. Subscriptions for 2023. 
    The Committee proposed and seconded that the subscriptions should remain unchanged for 2023:
    a) The Astbury Premium Carp Ticket - £205
    b) River Night Permit £25 

    c) Seniors - £65
    d) Senior Citizens/Disabled/Ladies - £40
    e) Juveniles up to the age of 16 years - £1
    f) Canal Only / Non-Fishing Guest Permit - £10                                                                                                                                                              

  3. Approval of Match Calendar and Academy Events.
    The proposed match calendar and Academy Events were agreed unanimously. Details of the matches for members, veterans, juveniles  and Academy events are published on the Society’s web site and in the membership book. 

 The AGM closed at 8.30 pm and a question and answer session then followed the AGM.

Nb The 2023 membership tickets will be available to pre-order on line from 1st December 2022 and also be available to purchase at the next Members Meeting on 9th December 2022.

Important Re- Astbury Carp Tickets. These must be renewed before January 31st as per the Waiting List Webpage details  (Click Here) or your place will be offered to a person on the waiting list. ! No Excuses Excepted !

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