Blithfield Anglers Weekly Fishery Report For the week ending 20th October, 2019

October 22, 2019


Attractors are the pattern of choice but dries are still hanging on ….

During the earlier part of the week the weather was favourable with relatively warm temperatures and moderate winds.

The fish continue to respond to dry fly tactics or nymphs/attractors fished high in the water from drifting boats.

The latter part of the week saw cooler and stronger winds but an example from Friday proved that dry fly tactics are still worth employing as an afternoon boat recorded a return of 12 fish to the boat, all caught on hoppers and Shipman’s buzzers. The banks continue to steadily improve with the best sport being found from late morning to early evening.

Creditable returns this week include on Monday 14th for Permit holders Mr. Brian Jones and Mr. Graham Wood with 18 fish to their boat. On the 15th Season Permit holders Mr. Nigel Hodkinson and Mr. Pat Burton recorded combined boat total of 19 fish, all caught on dry flies including Daddy Long Legs imitations ; on the same day visiting rods Mr. Martin Jones and Mr. Phil Jones paired up in a boat and returned 12 fish between them on olive fritz patterns. On the 17th visiting rods Mr. Lyn Powell and Mr. Chris Degg recorded a boat total of 13 fish whilst on the same day a group of visiting rods from Greater Manchester Police Fly Fishing Section returned a rod average of 6 between them, based on the returns submitted ; and Season Permit holder Mr. Geoff Allsop recorded 21 fish to his boat on the South Lake. On the 18th visiting rods Mr. R. Tilton and Mr. T. Buckett paired up in a boat and returned a total of 12 fish between them, all on dry flies during an afternoon session ; visiting rod Mr. Jason Locock recorded 10 fish to his boat on the South Lake and rounding off the week on the 20th visiting rod Mr. Jordan Gayle caught and released 8 fish in a four hour session, including a specimen brown trout, all on attractor patterns.

A 2lb 8ozs brown trout caught & released by Jordan Gayle on 20th October.
Photo courtesy of Jordan Gayle.

This year the fishery closes to non-Permit holders and Syndicate anglers on 15th November and to Permit holders on 22nd November.

Blithfield is once again a Troutmasters water in 2019 – entry forms are available from the Angling Office and from the Boathouse.

A quick reminder that the Angling Office closes at 10.30am on Saturdays (as it did last year). Visiting anglers will need to see the Duty Bailiff across the Dam at the Boat House after this time.

Best Areas :  drifts across the centre of the South Lake ; Rainbow Corner (Mon, Tues, Fri only for bank anglers); Ten Acre Bay ; St. Stephen's ; Old Mans ; Mickledale Bay
Best Dries :   Shipman's buzzer ; hopper  ; Daddy Long Legs ; Shipman's sugar lump
Best Lures :   Cat's Whisker ; floating fry patterns ; white minkie
Best Nymphs/Wets :   black buzzer ; claret buzzer ; Hot Head Diawl Bach ;  PTN ;  cruncher ; Teal, blue & silver ; black Pennell
Best Fish : 4lb 8ozs brown trout caught from a drifting boat on a CdC by Mr. John Jones.

The current rod average is 3.30



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Blithfield Anglers Weekly Fishery Report For the week ending 20th October, 2019

October 22, 2019

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