The Society was founded in 1899 by a group of dedicated anglers who fished Stanley Reservoir in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. Today the Society has grown to be one of the more prominent fishing organisations in the UK with members, made up of seniors, ladies, juveniles, and disabled members from all over the country.

Our Waters

With a good selection of still waters and a number of river stretches to tackle we aim to cater for all types of angling. For canal anglers this year we can now offer three stretches   for you to enjoy. The links below will take your to our full Waters List or our Google Map.


2020 membership is now available click the Join Us button below for full details.

Blithfield Reservoir Re-opens

July 28, 2020

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Latest News
COVID-19 Virus 

In line with the latest government instructions fishing on Society waters will be  possible from Wednesday 13/05/2020.

New Restrictions and regulations will be enforced. Please Click here and read the Latest Guidance Notes and Updates.
Waters  News

Important information Please Note*** 

Due to a small minority of anglers trying to take advantage of the rules regarding fish care it has become necessary to update the rules covering this matter.

The special rules 10 & 11 on Astbury Water Park page have been revoked and been replaced by General Rules 15 and 16 which have been updated to cover all waters and are published on the Society website under the links “Members-General Rules” Rules 15 and 16. These are now in force and the bailiffs will be enforcing them. Anyone in contravention will risk being subject to disciplinary action. Please ensure you are in compliance.

Now for some good news 

We have been able to obtain a lovely new water at Butterton, the same owner as North Road. It is a well established fishery,  previously fished by Doultons Angling Club for many years.  A lot  of work is being done on the fishery getting it ready to open on June 29th. It will be a pleasure fishery with the same rules as North Road. To find out more go to our waters page and click on Noel's Pool.

   John Davey Chairman of stoke on Trent angling society 

 £1 Juvenile Ticket Retained for 2020

The £1 juvenile ticket has been retained for 2020 with a view to attracting more juveniles.


Special rules will apply i.e. child protection, fishing in the same peg with an adult, 3 rods max per peg.

It is hoped that this new initiative will provide a gateway into the sport for the young of today to become the anglers of tomorrow.

The mission of Stoke-on-Trent Angling Society is to manage, serve and promote angling. To assist members and participants in their various forms of involvement in angling. To adhere to all the laws of angling and to encourage and facilitate the involvement of as many people as possible in angling activities.

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